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Great summer camp!

This July we had the largest american STM team ever in a teenage camp. 25 college students from Atlanta, GA travelled overseas in order to

Bible study groups

For years, Ramona’s ministry was focused on small groups for families, mothers and young adults. She will soon turn the light on again, sharing the

College Students Camp

One of the most expected event of the year is about to begin this week. College students from all over the country (of course, attracted

The painting

“Which painting in the National Gallery would I save if there was a fire? The one nearest the door of course”. These words of George

The highlight of 2012

For us this will be the highlight of the year. Our boys have taken the decision to fully commit their lives to Christ… and they

Trip to Hungary & Romania

Stuart and Beth will be leaving shortly on a three-week trip to Hungary & Romania. Our heart desire is to fulfill our part in the mission

Media Safe Homes

One day left until the debut of our new project called Media Safe. Its purpose is to help parents to create a media safe environment