Ambassadors Together

Ambassadors Together is not a program 4D invented in the US and does it for the churches in Europe, but it is a program the Eastern European churches initiated, with 4D as their strategic partner.

Ambassadors Together was the result of a Romanian student saying to her leader, Rei Abrudan: “Rei, we have been so blessed by the American teams coming over to help us. Now it’s our turn to be a blessing and help others. Can we?” Rei responded with excitement and was encouraged to see his people move from a receiving mindset to a giving mindset.

Only this year, the program has partnered with about 73 churches, reaching out to more than 5,700 kids in four different countries. Over 800 volunteers helped sharing the Good News with kids and their parents in over 60 camps or projects. Over 50% of the participants were unchurched.

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