It does not matter where
the wind comes from,
it matters how you put your sails

it’s all about helping churches in Eastern Europe be fruitful and missional. The best way for 4D is not to grow “our” tree bigger, but to help networks of national churches be more outward looking and fruitful. More important than one large tree is God’s orchard of fruit bearing trees!

(Hank Paulson)

4D’s largest ministry project:
Ambassadors Together

An example of how 4D enables local churches to be missional is the Ambassador Together program. In 2017, 4D partnered with 107 churches. Over 4,200 kids were reached with the Good News. Over 1,000 of them unchurched… 

ministry partners

We don’t have our “own” ministry, except to come alongside national ministries and put wind in their sails. Sometimes our help is by funding strategic initiatives; sometimes by networking contacts and resources; sometimes with organizational development and consulting — whatever is needed to strengthen their ministries to their own people!

How your dollar was used this past year:

Administration / 7%
Fundraising / 4%
Program services / 91%

The information was taken from our 2017 annual report and 990 filing.

Why your gift has so much impact:

  • Not only through 4D’s low US overhead,
  • Also through using nationals on the field who are highly qualified, well received by their own churches and therefore model ministry that is better reproducible and more sustainable.
  • Our support goes further through lower cost of living for nationals.
  • Special efforts are also encouraging local ownership and sacrifices in each country where 4D ministers.


Po Box 120, Monument, CO 80132. Thank you so much for your interest in 4D Ministries. If you encounter any difficulties during the donation process or have any questions, please call Chris at 719-287-6245 or email him at


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