It does not matter where the wind comes from, it matters how you adjust your sails.

It is all about empowering churches in Eastern Europe fulfill their mission. We do this by connecting them with partners from across the world and make different resources available, so as to help them become more outward looking and fruitful. Or much simpler said – we are dedicated to putting the wind in their sails. (Hank Paulson)

4D’s largest ministry project: Ambassadors Together

This year we have partnered with about 73 churches, reaching out to more than 5700 kids, at least 50% of them being unchurched.

How your dollar was used this past year:

Administration / 3.8%
Fundraising / 1.9%
Program services / 94.3%

The information was taken from our 2019 annual report and 990 filing.

Why your gift has so much impact:


Po Box 120, Monument, CO 80132. Thank you so much for your interest in 4D Ministries. If you encounter any difficulties during the donation process or have any questions, please email Majka at [email protected] or call Chris at 719-287-6245.


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