George Dotsu and, increasingly his daughter, Liza and her husband are leading a team and ministry (Harvest Foundation) in Moldova that 4D closely partners with. The relationship goes back more than ten years. They also coordinate the Ambassador Together program in Moldova and outreach in neighboring countries. In 2016, 56 churches with 130 volunteers were involved in programs reaching 1,286 kids in especially the smaller towns of southern Moldova. 

“I have known George for many years. We have traveled and ministered together in both Moldova and Turkey, where George, his family, and team serve the Lord faithfully and enthusiastically. They are based in Moldova, a former Soviet republic and Europe’s poorest country. An estimated 20% of the population works abroad, many of them with no intent to ever return..."
Hank Paulson
4D Ministries Founder

Part of southern Moldova is called Gagauzia, a semi-autonomous republic, where people are of Turkish background and also speak the Turkish language. During the time that the Ottoman Empire took over control of Turkey, the Gagauz people moved and did not embrace Islam. It is here where hope for the future and the Good News of Jesus is being proclaimed.

Under George’s leadership, Harvest Foundation, in close cooperation with local churches, targets three areas of ministry:

  • A Christian school which attracts many unchurched students and effectively reaches out into the community.
  • Children and youth camps with many hundreds of kids each summer. Typically about 40% of the kids come from unchurched backgrounds and many come to a personal faith in Christ. The average price to sponsor a child in camp is $4 per day or $28 for a full week. (In 2014, 4D sponsored 200 children to be able to go to camp).
  • An Ambassadors Together program, where teams of mostly students, are trained and sent out for international outreach in neighbouring countries.

Harvest Foundation officially became a 4D certified partner in late 2014. You can support Harvest Foundation using 4D’s giving page. Thank you. 

Christian Media Mission is providing a message of hope in the Russian language in several countries of the former Soviet Union. More information is available upon request. International is the worldwide umbrella organization of much Internet-based ministry that 4D is involved with in Eastern Europe. It was founded by a Frenchman Eric Celerier and merged with a ministry in Holland. In the US the Billy Graham Association, CBN and CRU are members of it. A great example of Kingdom collaboration. 

4D partners are carefully screened based on criteria which include: Purpose and driving values, including statement of faith, leadership, transparency, accountability, spiritual impact in the country of service and long term sustainability.

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