Empower national ministries to help their churches to be missional.


Empower every Christ centered church in Central and Eastern Europe to be generous and missional with especially a focus on the younger generation, to win, nurture towards growth, connect and send out for service.

Values that drive 4D

  • Christ centered
  • Field driven
  • Outcomes (fruitfulness) are more important than Output (activities)
  • Servant leadership and accountability
  • Purpose driven (to enable churches to be generous and missional)
  • Partnerships (maximizing Kingdom resources, while a testimony for the un-churched)
  • Empower especially those in ministry, who also invest in others (2Tim2:2) 
  • Generosity (God loves the cheerful giver) 

4D’s second value – being field driven – may need explaining the most. It results in ministry not starting with our US staff, our finances or programs, but it starts with looking at the fields (John 4:35). It starts with questions and listening, just like what Jesus did when He met the Samaritan women and countless others. It’s about validating, building bridges, and empowering according to their felt needs.

Another question often raised is, why is the local church so central in what 4D does? The local Church is indeed central in 4D’s strategy. Why? It’s God’s idea. It has massive resources in terms of people and talents and most of all, it is called not only to nurture the faithful, but also to be a lighthouse to the world around. A place where followers of Christ are equipped to be ambassadors of reconciliation in a broken world. Missional churches under national leadership have longevity and sustainability. They also provide a model for other churches within their culture. Missional churches also are ideal for follow-up and nurturing new followers of Christ.

4D is uniquely positioned. It has a track record of trust and ministry going back to 1972. It has no church-planting or denominational ambitions of its own. We are there to serve and help others be successful! 4D by itself is inadequate and therefore depends on God and partnerships within the Body of Christ to make His vision and plan a reality.

Why is generosity so important? Generosity reflects the God we follow (who gave His Son to redeem us undeserved) and who’s ambassadors we are called to be. Generosity is not a reflection of percentages or amounts, but our heart condition and closeness to our Lord. Generosity is demonstrated in material, relational and organizational ways. It basically says, “Your Kingdom first”. 

4D’s four-step Strategy

  1. It starts with the church. We are simply to help them fulfil God’s call to be a lighthouse in this world. It also is a place for community, growth, and preparation.
  2. The next step is Empowerment and Mobilization, through networking, training and mentoring.
  3. Impact – through sharing God’s Good News through camps, special events, Internet and social media, especially with a focus on children, youth and parents.
  4. Resources for ministry, online courses and other tools to help new followers of Christ grow and prepare to become part of local churches
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