Nexus Serbia, 4D partners since October 2014, are involved in church planting, training and outreach.


Nesa, his wife, Vesna, and a dynamic team of committed followers of Christ are making a Kingdom difference in Novi Sad, north of the Serbian capital, Belgrade. Nesa is a church planter at heart and after being part of a successful church plant in Bosnia, Nesa and Vesna settled, together with their three children, in Novi Sad.

Nesa has been used by God to start a new church called Nexus, with presently about 80 in attendance. His wife, Vesna, founded Choose Life – an outreach to women in crisis in Novi Sad and surrounding areas. Recently, God also used Vesna to launch a network of partnering ministries throughout former Yugoslavia. It’s exciting to see mutual support and joined efforts among followers of Christ in a part of the world where ethnic divisions run deep.

A special outreach of Nexus is focused on the Roma (gypsy) people. As a result, a small Roma church has been started. Special outreach, small group activities, conferences, and camps are used to invite those outside any church and allow them to discover who Jesus is and have an opportunity to get connected with fellow followers of Christ.

Dragana, a young Roma woman, puts it this way: “I am a 33-year-old mom of four and I am dying from cancer. I do not know for how long I am going to live. The doctor’s prognosis is not good at all. All of my three sisters already died from cancer under the age of 40. My brother also died from cancer. He lived the longest. He was 43 when he died.

Four months ago I discovered a group of beautiful people who are getting together each Sunday evening not so far from my house. They read and study the Bible. They told me Jesus can give me new life, new life that lasts forever. They told me Jesus can give me peace and hope. They told me He can take all my fears and He can carry all my worries. I accepted that truth and now I am a new born Christian. My life now is a mixture of hopes, joys and sorrows. The hardest thing for me is to watch my children and imagining them growing up without mom. I can only trust God. I know He can heal me. He can take care of my children. He gives me hope and joy in the midst of my troubled life.”

Nesa adds, “Dragana is one of the best gifts to our Roma church. She already brought three of her friends to the church and all three became Christians.”

Four things you can do

  1. Pray for Dragana, the church planting ministry among Serbs and Roma, Nesa, Vesna, their family, and team.
  2. Forward this page to those who may be interested in God’s work through Nexus in Serbia.
  3. Donate using the 4D Ministries giving page.
  4. Contact Nesa and let him know of your interest at

4D partners are carefully screened based on criteria which include: Purpose and driving values, including statement of faith, leadership, transparency, accountability, spiritual impact in the country of service and long term sustainability.

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