Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, 4D partners with a number of ministries in an effort to equip the churches for ministry. Some of these ministries are:

  • Knowing God website with its project leader, Honza Hermansky, are connecting with seekers in one of the most atheistic countries in the world. They use their WhyJesus? webpage in order to connect seekers with volunteer
    e-coaches who guide them through a curriculum meant to introduce them to Jesus. The e-coaches then further connect them to a Bible study and/or a local congregation where they can continue to learn about Jesus and
    bond with other local believers, providing a great platform for follow-up. Honza and his team also develop other online courses to help Christians grow in their Christian walk, as well as having outreach courses and sites for
    new seekers.
  • Majak Lighthouse is a church-planting and leader development.
  • New Churches Trust – Tomas Grulichand his team started a church plant in downtown Prague, seeking to reach
    a group of people that have been difficult to reach with the Gospel in Czech Republic – singles and young adults.
  • Dorost with Daniel Jokl.