Here 4D partners with a number of ministries in an effort to equip the churches for ministry.

  • Knowing God Internet with Honza Hermansky.
  • Majak: church-planting and leader development.
  • New Churches with Tomas Grulich and the ministry he leads, “New Churches Trust” in Czech Republic, became 4D partners in late 2015. With a strong passion for church planting… 
  • Church Revitalization, an effort to help churches to be more outward looking.
  • Evangelical Alliance and specific projects regarding stewardship and youth ministry.
  • Navrat Publishing and the publishing of various tools that help those in ministry.
  • LeaderXpress a 4D website especially for youth workers in Czech and Slovak.
  • Re-Fresh Marriage focusing on marriage and pre marriage in Czech Republic.

And many more individual leaders who have asked to be mentored or helped.

Knowing God

In Czech Republic, KnowingGod Czech and its project leader Honza Hermansky are connecting with seekers in one of the most atheistic countries of the world. Honza and his team of volunteers connect seekers from their ‘WhyJesus?’ webpage with volunteer ecoaches throughout the country who guide them through a curriculum used to introduce them to Jesus. The ecoaches then connect them to a Bible study and/or local congregation where they can continue to learn about Jesus and connect with other local believers, providing a great platform for follow-up.

Honza and his team also continue to develop other online courses to help Christians grow in their Christian walk, as well as having outreach courses and sites for new seekers.

The ministry is getting amazing responses, and their numbers continue to grow rapidly. In 2016 they had 800 people enrolled in their online courses. In 2017, they had over 1000 individuals enrolled in the first six months of the year alone! Behind those numbers are hundreds of individuals who are encountering Jesus, trusting in Him and growing in their walk with Him. One of them is Paul, who shares his story below.

“Remembering my childhood, there is not many nice memories I could think of. My father was an alcoholic and used to beat my mother when he was drunk. At school, I was constantly bullied by other children, because of my overweight. About Christian faith I knew almost nothing, except that I was baptized when I was an infant, because of the wishes of my grandmother, who was the only believer in our family.

When I finished compulsory military training, I started going to gaming-houses and casinos regularly. Gambling soon became an addiction to me.

When we lost our first child due to miscarriage, I started gambling even more. Everything I had was seized and I became regular at one medical center after another, trying to deal with my addiction. But that didn´t help either. Every time I was released, I spent everything I could borrow or steal, gambling again.

When I was in the tenth addict center, I was playing with my smartphone. I don´t even remember how, but I started reading some article about God. I clicked through and I was offered option of the personal online dialogue, which I hesitantly used. I got connected to a really good Christian guy called Alex. Alex shared with me his story, how he became a Christian, and began telling me about his relationship with Jesus. He doesn´t judge me or act condescendingly, actually quite contrary. It didn´t take long and I realized that God entered into my life and I accepted him. I suddenly understood how bad of a person I am. I couldn´t find anything good about me at all. Amazingly, Jesus accepted and forgave me everything. To keep it short, Alex soon recommended to me a good church, which I started attending. I started building a relationship with God, praying, and reading the Bible. I also began fixing my relationship with my wife and two sons. Lately I was also baptized and found a place to live.

I just can´t even express how thankfull I am to God and Jesus for his grace. He is my savior and king!”

You can support Honza and the KnowingGod Czech team by donating here. Please pray for their ministry and the thousands of people they are reaching this year.

New Churches Trust

Tomas Grulich and his team are starting a new church plant in downtown Prague, seeking to reach a group of people that have been difficult to reach with the Gospel in Czech Republic – singles and young adults. Though they envision the church eventually being multi-generational and with members from all stages of life, there’s a large population of singles and young adults in the city center of Prague who they feel led to minister to and engage with.

Tomas has a much-respected track record of youth, camp, and church planting ministry, and mentors others in church-planting throughout Czech Republic and neighboring Slovakia. For the next two years, he has been asked to help the Slovak Evangelical Free Church to start their national board for church planting, and is involved in student discipleship ministry in Prague.

Tomas and his wife Marketa have three children, Veronika, David and Lucie. They live in and operate from Prague, and are passionate about sharing Christ with their fellow countrymen.

4D partners are carefully screened based on criteria which include: Purpose and driving values, including statement of faith, leadership, transparency, accountability, spiritual impact in the country of service and long term sustainability.

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