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European Leadership Forum

Last week, Hank, Rei and Cosmin participated to the European Leadership Forum in Wisla, Poland. They were actively involved in the Apologetics, Organizational Development and Fundraising

Media Safe August Conference

We’ve started this year (in January) a parenting program on the influence of media, as you already know. Our plan then was to focus on

Media Safe around the country

Since we started the Media Safe project in our city, we discovered that Media is a subject that raises the interest of many. So, this

What’s odd with this photo?

Nothing. The students are on their knees. Why? Because, in the presence of God, most of the times kneeling down is common. That is the

Fii acolo (Be there)

It’s such a boost to challenge students to commit to something. It’s even more exciting watching them commit to live a God-honoring life, so that

Cugir Children Camp

What a blessed camp God gave us in the Carpathian Mountains! 64 kids, ages 9-13 came almost half of them non-Christians. What an wonderful outreach