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Call to missions retreat

Last weekend, ninety-nine college students crowded inside a beautiful “belly of a whale”, a nice resort in the mountains area. Besides a great fellowship time

Ladder of Heaven

A time of wonder have characterized our college students retreat this fall. Our fellowship was based on the metaphor of “ladder”. Liviu Mocan, a famous

College Students Camp

One of the most expected event of the year is about to begin this week. College students from all over the country (of course, attracted

Remember what God has done…

Remember what God has done, to know what He can do! That was the theme of the college student’s retreat this spring. In a beautiful

What’s odd with this photo?

Nothing. The students are on their knees. Why? Because, in the presence of God, most of the times kneeling down is common. That is the

Chastity covenant

Another event that we believe is written in heaven’s records is what just happened the last weekend of November. As we usually do, we take