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A piece of history

More than 30 years ago, during the Cold War era, the Lord gave a young Dutchman, Hank Paulson, a burden to encourage and strengthen the Eastern

European Leadership Forum

Last week, Hank, Rei and Cosmin participated to the European Leadership Forum in Wisla, Poland. They were actively involved in the Apologetics, Organizational Development and Fundraising

Following His plans…

Dr. Auguste Nelaton, (Nelaton Catheter) the great French surgeon, once said that if he had four minutes in which to perform an operation on which

Second Life

Media is a growing hot topic for more and more people in Romania. The continuous daily struggle between virtual and real life is pushing many

The history lesson

We heard so many times that “We learn from history that we do not learn from history”. We’re witnessing attrocities all around the world, innocent people getting killed, christians martyring,

The middle gate on the East side

After five months of Media Safe meetings in Floresti, Cluj, we decided to conclude this with a “Be there” meeting, challenging the youth from the

Promise dinner

Last weekend, we celebrated another great event with our high school group. It’s a special commitment that we call “the chastity covenant”, a spiritual milestone


We all know that our kids are very good with computers and technology. They can spend hours on Facebook or playing video games, but what

Superheroes, why do we love them?

Last week we organised another event in the “Refuge” (our weekly youth meeting) where more than 200 college students showed up. Attracted by the subject, they