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Ambassadors Together And More

These are the reasons“During the camp I found God… or God found me. On a rock, praying near the river. My life has changed!”These were

KnowingGod/Czech Republic

KnowingGod Czech, a 4D ministry partner. “Hello. I would like to become a true Christian, but do not know how to do it. My family

An Investment Worth Making

One of our biggest investments this summer, is to help share Christ with 4,000 kids through summer camps. And making sure there is follow up

Growing Fruit

After a great year, expect more change in 2016! First, I want to express my thankfulness not only to God, but also to all our

What is 4D up to?

What is 4D up to these days? What is new and what has changed? All questions you may have – understandably, especially after a year

Ambassadors Together Expands in 2016

Ambassadors Together 2015 was an abundance of blessings. Since we started this project, the number of locations grew every year. More and more children, youth

4D’s Newest Partner

4D Ministries would like to introduce its newest partner, Tomas Grulich. In recent months, Tomas and the ministry he leads, “New Churches Trust” in Czech