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Searching for Jesus (VBS 2014)

This year’s Vacation Bible School pushed our limits once again. Almost 500 children joined our adventure in discovering five of Jesus’ outstanding miracles. The plot:

The middle gate on the East side

After five months of Media Safe meetings in Floresti, Cluj, we decided to conclude this with a “Be there” meeting, challenging the youth from the

Promise dinner

Last weekend, we celebrated another great event with our high school group. It’s a special commitment that we call “the chastity covenant”, a spiritual milestone


We all know that our kids are very good with computers and technology. They can spend hours on Facebook or playing video games, but what

Children Summer Club

After last year’s good experience, we decided to continue to organize summer clubs for children. Besides the Vacation Bible School, this summer activity is very

The Olympics Winners!

We’re proud to announce the closing of the Olympic Games 2013. Of course, we talk about our Vacation Bible School this year. Based on Paul’s

Where has the wonder gone?

“We live in a world with a withered sense of wonder”, said colonel James Irwin, the man who walked on the moon and viewed the

Ladder of Heaven

A time of wonder have characterized our college students retreat this fall. Our fellowship was based on the metaphor of “ladder”. Liviu Mocan, a famous