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Believe Prep Event

Things get hotter here in Cluj. Believe event is getting closer and more and more people are signing up for it. Church leaders and volunteers

Cluj, European Youth Capital

As you probably know from our previous news, for 2015, Cluj was appointed as European Youth Capital and this fact raised a unique and important

Second Life

Media is a growing hot topic for more and more people in Romania. The continuous daily struggle between virtual and real life is pushing many

Superheroes, why do we love them?

Last week we organised another event in the “Refuge” (our weekly youth meeting) where more than 200 college students showed up. Attracted by the subject, they

Back to the Origins

Last week, we had the privilege to co-organize another conference at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, presenting the scientist Dominic Statham, speaker and writer from

God vs. Oscars

Last Saturday, we had another Media Safe training. This time the theme was related to movies, TV shows, ads, science channels… Inspired by the recent

Officially Sold Out

Last ticket was sold today! BELIEVE event is becoming a movement. 9,000 people will attend. Local secular media is writing about it and promoting it for

Media Safe Workshops

We are proudly announcing our second Media Safe Workshop this year. The event will be on February 16, so please remember us in your prayers.