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Media Safe

Media Safe project goes on! Last month we were invited to a new conference with two main sessions, one for parents and one for youth.

Media Safe… for youth

The news about Media Safe program continues to raise the interest of many churches. They are realizing that Media has a strong influence in the

Media Safe Workshops

We are proudly announcing our second Media Safe Workshop this year. The event will be on February 16, so please remember us in your prayers.

The year of Media Safe Homes

Evidently, 2012 was the year of Media Safe Homes events. We have started the year (launching it in January) and finished the year with it.

Media Safe August Conference

We’ve started this year (in January) a parenting program on the influence of media, as you already know. Our plan then was to focus on

Media Safe around the country

Since we started the Media Safe project in our city, we discovered that Media is a subject that raises the interest of many. So, this

Media Safe Homes

One day left until the debut of our new project called Media Safe. Its purpose is to help parents to create a media safe environment


KnowingGod/Czech Republic June 28, 2017 KnowingGod Czech, a 4D ministry partner. “Hello. I would like to become a true Christian, but do not know how