What’s odd with this photo?

Nothing. The students are on their knees. Why? Because, in the presence of God, most of the times kneeling down is common. That is the reality we have experienced this past January when we have practiced the discipline of meditation and prayer. We were overwhelmed by God’s presence during our Refuge youth meetings. There was a time for sharing personal testimonies, sharing experiences from our walk with God and sharing and singing the Christian songs that have touched our lives at some point.
Simple. Profound. Authentic. Powerful. Extremely powerful! At a certain moment the presence of God was so obvious that we felt the need to kneel down and pray. Everyone did.


Camp in Moldova Reopened!

First, we would like to thank you for your prayers! So much is happening as a result. More kids are hearing the Good News through

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Churches team up and…

Most camps that are organized in partnership with 4D’s Ambassador Together program are small week-long community-based camps or a six full-day long VBS with 30