Training and conferences

The last few months were packed with training workshops, youth conferences in several parts of the country (Arad, Cluj, Jibou, Dorohoi, Timisoara), one Christian Apologetics Conference with dr. Richard Carhart, one international conference for the academic world (Religion and Politics in the Globalization Era, with dr. Grace Davie, dr. Bassam Tibi and dr. Leonard Swidler ) and, of course, two weeks ago we have finished the 6 months Media Safe Homes parenting program.

This last type of event was so well received that we are invited to redo it during the largest and best bible study conference we have in Romania. One of our theologians, Beni Faragau, is organizing yearly his national conference in the month of July and August. This year, hearing about Media Safe Homes, they have invited us to lead one Media Safe Homes workshop every evening of the conference.

God is good. God has a plan for us. God has a plan for Romania.

Camp in Moldova Reopened!

First, we would like to thank you for your prayers! So much is happening as a result. More kids are hearing the Good News through

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Churches team up and…

Most camps that are organized in partnership with 4D’s Ambassador Together program are small week-long community-based camps or a six full-day long VBS with 30