The Passion of the Christ

Again we have stretched our church to a maximum… for their good.

A beautiful floral arrangement on a log – that reminded of a crucified man – was destroyed with no mercy. You should of heard the gasps and the rumor in the audience when the “tormentors” hit the “body of Christ” and the “blood” splashed on the wall. The facts of the Gospel came to life, real, experiential life.

Strong feelings, mixed feelings…

Some people were sorry for the flowers… but  so was Jonah who cared more for the vine than for the people of Nineveh… when some others realized what God the Father felt when his only begotten Son was scored and killed.

Some people were thinking… what a waste to destroy all those beautiful flowers when we could use the money for the poor…  but so was Judah when Mary poured the pure nard on Jesus’ feet…  while some others understood it as an act of worship and realized the dimension of God’s love for his people.

When the church was filled with the fragrance of those smashed flowers I couldn’t stop myself thinking of God’s forgiveness… the fragrance that the flower sheds on the heel that has crushed it.

The Easter drama just prepared all the hearts for one of the most meaningful celebrations we’ve ever had.  The whole idea and event was the result of teamwork. So, once again the point was proven: gather beyond yourself if you want to “carry the load” successfully.

The splendor, the love, and the strength of God be upon all of you who are carrying the load with us.

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