The highlight of 2012

For us this will be the highlight of the year. Our boys have taken the decision to fully commit their lives to Christ… and they showed it publicly asking to be baptized in the water as our Lord has commanded it.

I remember January 1st, the first Sunday of the year. I felt compelled to pray publicly for them during the service. I asked our Lord to make the 2012 the year of their decision.  Our boys were not in the service (they were out on a retreat with their group of friends). The first Thursday of the year, during our college students meeting I felt compelled to pray for them again. While I was praying I felt like God is telling me: “Stop praying about that. Just ask them what is that is detaining them from taking the decision.” I started to negotiate with God: “Lord, but… remember… I told them some time ago that I’ll never put any pressure on them regarding that decision… that must be a personal and an authentic one. Lord, I can’t do that.”

I couldn’t pray anymore… the pressure on my mind and heart was so powerful that I had to give in and I said: “Ok, Lord, I’ll find the right moment and I’ll ask them.” Right next Saturday, after that Thursday, Paul and Marc have asked me to go out with them to a movie. I said yes. Before the movie we were getting a bite to eat when the thought about asking them the question came in. With a hard heart I blurt it out. At that moment, Paul, just stopped with his mouth full and couldn’t speak a word. Marc tried to find some answers. Not significant results at the moment. We got home that night and before going to bed I see Paul coming in my room and said: “Dad, I need to talk to you.” “Yes, I’m listening.” “Dad, why did you asked me right that question?” “I don’t know… I think I have explained you why.” “Dad, 6 months ago, I was asking myself the same question. Am I prepared for baptism? Is that what God wants from me?… Not being sure, I just put a sign before God and I said: ‘Dear Lord, if this is what you want from me, please just fulfill this thing for me and I’ll know you have answered. Please have my dad ask me this question with these exact words: ‘What is that is detaining you from taking the decision?’ “When you asked me that question”, Paul continued, “with those exact words, I was shocked and I realized God has just spoken to me.”

WOW! What a way to cross his path. On March 18th both of the boys were in the baptistery being baptized by their father. What an honor! Thank you Lord! Now we can say, like Joshua, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

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