The event of the year 2010: Phillip Yancey in Romania

We’ve waited 2 years to have Philip Yancey coming to Romania. The expectations were up high, but they were totally met. It was an incredible week and the best conference we’ve ever organized and participated to. Philip Yancey’s famous topic, Grace, acted as a blessing upon this event. Philip just “scratched the surface” as he likes to say to see if there are some “diamonds”. And we’ve founded them. We did our best, too, to create a memorable experience, but God’s Grace turned it into a real spiritual milestone for over 600 participants from all over the country and not only… we’ve had people coming to Cluj from Germany and England.

Philip is a great speaker and a great person. People just loved him. He mingled with them, listened to them and poured out his heart over them.

The feedback was overwhelming. Besides Philip we’ve had two other guest speakers. One was the president of Cluj University, ex minister of education in the Romanian government who’s topic was God Today. It was overwhelming to hear a public figure like him talking about the importance of Judeo-Christian values, and Christian faith for the national and world politics.

The second person was a professor of political science who talked about The Crisis of our Times. That was a memorable talk, another Christian perspective on the world and its values and the solution for the upside down world in which we live.

Also, every morning we’ve had a great time of worship and creative presentations of some biblical truths using arts. So, we’ve meditated watching some photography about Jesus – you can find him in the most unexpected paces…), then watching a construction right on the stage illustrating how the Capstone-Jesus keeps all the arcade together, and finally, a huge sculpture (Decalogue, a 10 golden fingers, 16 feet tall) was brought in the auditorium to illustrate the importance of staying inside God’s will.

And then, in the evenings we’ve had music concerts (various musical genders, from classical music, to rock).

Hey, I cannot stop myself re-memorizing all the ingredients of the event. It really had an impact on me. One more thing, though. Thanks for your prayers. The whole thing was so successful also because of you.

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