The Devil’s Living Room

That’s the name this youth prison in Aiud is known by. In the same line with our emphasis on missions our young people broke another limit, lead by our new “new kid on the block” as I introduced him some months ago. Let’s hear him telling his stories. “God is opening for His children not only the locked doors, but the locked hearts, too.

They to shared the Gospel to the inmates of Aiud Prison. Many heard the Gospel, a message of hope and freedom in Christ! The prison director came to talk to us at the end of the visit. He was told by the prison’s psychologist that the inmates opened up their hearts to us during the program. He was amazed by that because convicts never did that before. Well, they were never before been exposed to the message of the Gospel, to the message of Salvation in Christ. They need forgiveness, they need freedom from sin. Praise the Lord!

This experience was absolutely special for our young people, too. For two hours they’ve been in another world, world totally unknown and totally unfriendly. They had the chance to worship Christ in the presence of a tough audience, to share their testimonies and to start to develop a relationship with those tormented young people. The group brought each convict a present (a personal care item was all we were allowed to take in) and a big cake to share.

[quote float=”left”]We need to go back. We were asked to go back…[/quote] by both, the guardians and the inmates. And we’ll be going regularly involving in that mission more of our young people. Our prayer is to see more of them opening their hearts to Christ.”

Camp in Moldova Reopened!

First, we would like to thank you for your prayers! So much is happening as a result. More kids are hearing the Good News through

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