Sunday School Teachers Training

In the last few years, Sunday School ministry in our local church has reached a “comfort zone” which proved to keep us from growing. Those who are involved in it know that it’s far from easy work, and instead, one of the hardest. The responsibility we have to plant God’s seeds in the mind of our children is really what the parents should do. We cannot replace them, but we can only help them in those few hours a week when we have their kids. This is one of the reasons why not many people are willing to carry this huge responsibility. Very often, this children’s ministry is seen as a job for young people, even teenagers, not something serious, like singing in a choir. Just play and sing with the children, tell them Bible stories… But we’re not talking about baby-sitting here!

That’s why, in the last years, several teenagers and also young parents joined us with a strong desire to offer their help. The only problem was that many of them didn’t know exactly if they were really called or just driven by circumstances.

Last week we started a new series of trainings for Sunday School teachers. We were glad to have Ramona with us, setting the basis of the real calling and the good motivations for such a ministry. Her deep understanding of the Scriptures revealed the biblical ingredients of a healthy ministry based on a personal spiritual life.

More than 30 Sunday School teachers took part at this first training, and were inspired to bring the message of God to their children, with a changed heart and a good motivation. We’re looking forward to the next sessions when we’ll approach some more practical topics, like creative teaching or discipline…

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