Summer School

We continue our series of stories from the Ambassadors Together projects. This time, we present you the mission team from Hateg, Hunedoara county. This year, God opened new doors for them and also provided financial resources and volunteers, so they were able to extend their mission to four different locations: the villages of Silvasul de Jos, Covragi, Paucinesti, Raul Mic and Raul Alb. They had four teams of five people each, coordinated from a headquarter in Hateg. They were driving to the locations every day, organizing the activities of a Summer School, as they called it. Here are some testimonials of the volunteers:


[quote]I was impressed to meet a woman who walked his son every day from a long distance just to participate to the summer school. I also met her in the church on Sunday, where we organized our final ceremony, together with other parents.  I was encouraged to see her and other parents participating in the church service. While we were praying for the children, some of their parents and grandparents that were present, bursted into tears, softening their hearts for listening the Word of God. I also noticed that some of the children prayed during the service, as they learned in our summer school the week before. Besides prayers, they also memorized all the Bible verses that we shared with them every day. (Alexandra, volunteer in Paucinesti village)[/quote]

[quote]This summer school was a great experience for me. I remember a funny story about a boy that was missing from our morning activities one day. I thought that his parents needed his help with hay stacking that day. But I met him in the afternoon and he explained me the reason for his absence. He told me that he woke up at six in the morning in order to finish a task he received from one of our teachers a day before. He managed to finish it, but because he was tired, he felt back asleep, so he couldn’t participate that morning.” (Andi, volunteer in Raul Mic village) [/quote]

[quote]I was more than happy to be part of this summer school because I like serving God in the children ministries. I worked in Paucinesti village and I was glad to see those children coming every day ready to discover what we have prepared for them. I was impressed by the number of children from poor families that were not complaining about their situation. Instead, they were thankful for what they have, always showing a sincere smile on their faces. Their attitude challenged myself to reflect on my attitudes. I learned to appreciate more what I have and to cherish and be thankful for everything that God is bringing into my life.” (Diana, volunteer in Paucinesti village)[/quote]

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