Summer activities

This summer in Tóalmás, we taught more than 100 teenager about the truth of the Bible for 1 week. The motto of the week was: Collect Treasure in Heaven. This was the first time for many of them to hear about the Gospel and they could decide to give their lives to God.

In our Trinity Church we are getting ready for our third baptism celebration. We thank God that our church continues to grow.

Our summer church camps are a very important part of the Community Life. Nearly 100 people will be together including believer and non believer friends. God has always blessed these occasions wonderfully.

We organize Purpose Driven Church courses twice a year. Our next course will be held in autumn with Pastor Abraham Meulenberg, Rick Warren’s personal assistant and he will teach 70 pastor and church supervisors.

Camp in Moldova Reopened!

First, we would like to thank you for your prayers! So much is happening as a result. More kids are hearing the Good News through

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Churches team up and…

Most camps that are organized in partnership with 4D’s Ambassador Together program are small week-long community-based camps or a six full-day long VBS with 30