Officially Sold Out

Last ticket was sold today! BELIEVE event is becoming a movement. 9,000 people will attend. Local secular media is writing about it and promoting it for free. More than ever, the Evangelical community has its voice heard in the city and in the country.

We would like to highlight three special events that were meant to raise awareness about the main Believe conference that will take place in about two weeks from now. By serving the city, a powerful statement was made: Evangelicals are not isolated in their churches and communities, but active citizens and examples in the public sphere.

Believe in Life

This was a tree planting activity where over 200 trees (out of 10,000 planned to be planted during the course of one year) started a new life in the city park, by the river. Definitely a great symbol that will remain in the history of our city, a small “forest” that will tell a story.

Believe in Green

This was an outdoor cleaning activity. Our volunteers from several churches swiped the ground removing the garbage from a well known green relaxation area in the city. 4 tones of garbage found its way to city landfill.

Believe in Unity

“Your colour counts” – an art installation placed in Cluj downtown. The installation in shape of a a huge tridimensional cross was covered with 6,000 wooden tiles that were previously painted by random people walking in the area. Young and old, they all contributed to a unique 20 feet high painting. Landscapes, drawings, portraits, written messages or just random colours, are telling their own story. Our volunteers had a great opportunity to promote the main Believe event and share their faith with many.

So, Believe event is in the air, in the trees, in the colours and in the minds of our community. A growing expectation that will conclude with the big event. We pray that we will be able to “paint Jesus portrait” so those who need His Salvation to be able to recognise Him and generate a change in their lives and the life of our city and country.




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