Second Life

Media is a growing hot topic for more and more people in Romania. The continuous daily struggle between virtual and real life is pushing many churches all over the country to bring this subject on the table, trying to be relevant and win the next generation in a world of technology. They realized that Media “confusion” can easily become a spiritual “confusion”.

Last Saturday, together with a group of our leaders, we visited the city of Timisoara to answer the invitation of several Baptist churches. They invited us to bring some light upon the Media topic at an annual city conference they are hosting. More than 300 young people showed up for the morning and afternoon sessions and about 100 parents added later for the evening session, animated by the same purpose: to learn how to deal with this “second life”, how to build their discernment, educate themselves and their children in order to live a godly life, benefiting from good Media and technology and in the same time, avoiding the “dark” places.

After almost three years since we started the Media Safe program, we’re still amazed how many people are looking for answers regarding the virtual life and the way it affects us. This is another evidence that knowing how to deal with Media is an important part of our spiritual formation, something that we should take care of.

Thanksgiving & Camps 2023

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