Searching for Jesus (VBS 2014)

This year’s Vacation Bible School pushed our limits once again. Almost 500 children joined our adventure in discovering five of Jesus’ outstanding miracles. The plot: Two famous explorers, Paganel and Maximus, discovered by mistake an ancient mine. Paganel felt in it day after day and every time he had the chance to discover a relic of the old times. They dated them and proved they were related to Jesus miracles, while he was on Earth. Starting from their discoveries, the children followed a deeper investigation in each of the five sites. The feeding of the five thousands, the healing of the paralyzed man, the healing of the blind man, the resurrection of Lazarus and the calming of the storm, were the five miracles and sites that every child discovered.

Some of our volunteers

We had an amazing week, an example of hard work and dedication, helped by more than 60 volunteers. Again, this is the most expected event of the year, a life changing experience for the children, the volunteers and the sites leaders as well. More pictures and videos can be found on our VBS Facebook page (

Here’s what some of the children wrote at the end of the week:

We moved to this church with my family because of the VBS. I would like to participate to VBS until I will be 80. If it’s not possible, at least until 18 years old. This year I liked the most the lesson with Jesus feeding of five thousand. I like that God can do everything. (Luca, 10)

At this VBS I learned so much about friendship, faith and Jesus’ miracles. I already knew these Bible stories, but they sounded like brand new. If the VBS would stop, I feel like I would explode… VBS makes the summer even greater! (Carisia, 10)

I came to this VBS invited by a friend of mine. I was simply impressed by the positive energy generated here. I would never forget the lessons I learned here. The most valuable in my opinion was the lesson about friendship in the healing of the paralysed man. Thank you again for your effort, it was an unforgettable experience that I will surely share with my friends. (Diana, 11)


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