Remember what God has done…

Remember what God has done, to know what He can do!

That was the theme of the college student’s retreat this spring. In a beautiful mountain area (Arieseni) we prepared a time for sharing about their own walk with God, about what have they experienced in their relationship with God, about how God has crossed their path and what are some life lessons that changed their lives.

I don’t have enough and good enough English words to describe the two days… When we have asked 12 young people to prepare for sharing from their lives we had no idea what will come out of it. Spontaneously, when one of the leaders said: “Who else would like to share from their walk with God?”, during the 4 sessions over 100 students came forward… and their testimonies were powerful an overwhelming. They have opened up like never before, it was like God, physically, was there. Some were weeping; some others were confessing their sins and some other were comforting others… unbelievable. Can you imagine one and a half hour of non-stop prayers? Time did not exist anymore; only when they stopped we realized what time is it. In fact, God’s presence just extended over the church during next Sunday when I have asked 5 of the students to share their life lessons with the church during the service. The church was built up in their faith…

At the end of the retreat, each one of the students have built their own remembering stone architecture to take it home. Remember what God has done in your life, in order to know what He can still do.

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