• Why is generosity so important? Generosity reflects the God we follow (who gave His Son to redeem us undeserved) and who’s ambassadors we are called to be. Generosity is not a reflection of percentages or amounts, but our heart condition and closeness to our Lord. Generosity is demonstrated in material, relational and organizational ways. It basically says, “Your Kingdom first”.
  • What is a missional church? A church involved in God’s mission to this world, letting its light shine and being outward focused with an aim of winning for Christ and nurturing and mobilizing both individuals and communities.
  • Why is a missional church important? It’s God’s idea to use it as an instrument to proclaim redemption through Christ and reconciliation with the Father. Christ did not only call us to gather the redeemed ones, but also to go out as Ambassadors of reconciliation to a broken world.
  • Why is a missional church a strategic part of God’s plan? It’s a local presence of His eternal Kingdom. It’s a community that is multi-talented and relevant to the needs of the un-churched. (much more than a foreign missionary who needs to learn the language and culture and is perceived as having lots of US funds and possibilities). Missional churches also are ideal for follow up and nurture of new believers.
  • How can we help the church to be missional? To share with them God’s vision and plan, to coach, nurture and develop leaders and partnerships and to provide tools for stewardship ministry, Internet evangelism and e-coaches, public school ministry, camps and resources for follow up such as LeaderXpress.
  • Why is 4D uniquely positioned? A track record of trust and ministry of more than 45 years. 4D is known for its partnerships and a reputation across denominations, cultural and geographic borders.
  • 4D is inadequate and therefor dependent on God and partnerships within the Body of Christ to make His vision and plan a reality. It encourages models that are local, practical and reproducible throughout Eastern Europe.    3.1.2019
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