Pray Especially For Liza And Her Team In Moldova

Adelina, one of our staff members in Romania, who went on mission trip to Moldova sent us a quick update on the situation there:

“So good to know people have been praying! You can continue to do so. As I last heard from Liza, they had to close down the center (do not know for how long) because of a stomach flu virus going around. We got it too, but we only became sick while on our way back from Moldova. 

Otherwise, you should know it was amazing to see what Liza and Ivan, along with the volunteers, managed to put into motion. The kids are truly having a blast at the center. By the end of the week, we were all best friends. It is amazing to see what simple things such as spending time with them, dancing around, playing around, doing crafts can do. To see their pure joy was an enormous blessing. We can only hope we represented an example to remember for them. 
Liza took me one day to visit two other villages – Burlaceni & Iujnoe. They both had on-going day-camps. However, the situation is much different because of the much limited resources. But, even so, they do a great job.”

Pray for the 600+ leaders and volunteers doing such a great job!

Pray for those in attendance throughout Romania, Moldova, Serbia and this year as a first, 9 small camps in Czech Republic where over 50% of attending kids are unchurched! Together more than 4,000 kids are in camps with half of them from unchurched families!

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