Memorizing the Word

The mission trip to Oltenia this summer became a source of inspiration for us. This is a first story from a series of great selections we made from the Ambassadors Together project this summer. Here’s what a young volunteer leader from Hateg wrote, catching glimpses of simple yet memorable life lessons. She was volunteering in a day camp that served two villages in Oltenia (South of Romania).

“This was my first mission trip to Oltenia. I was leading the worship time with the children. In the first day, I met two sisters, 12 and 14 years old. They were not attending school, so couldn’t read and write. That evening, I’ve noticed one of them coming to our programs. Despite the fact that the activities included reading and writing, this didn’t stop her from coming and listening God’s Word.

While we were singing and having the lyrics displayed, I was amazed to see her listening to others singing, making efforts to sing along with us. She was looking at me with her big eyes, as if she wanted to pull the words out of my mouth, while singing. In that moment, I realised that the lyrics she was trying to memorise eventually will pop out into her mind one day, making a difference in her life.

In moments like this you realise that your serving it is not in vain. This is a great encouragement for me thinking that God works in the lives of people with such poor education which we often consider insignificant. Because of this, I believe this work must continue and we have to pray for more volunteers willing to get along side us in Oltenia.” (Lois)


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