Media Safe Workshops

We are proudly announcing our second Media Safe Workshop this year. The event will be on February 16, so please remember us in your prayers.

Based on the success of this program, started in 2012, we decided to take it to the next level. Last year, our Media Safe Conferences were designed to reveal the dark faces of media and to teach the parents how to watch their children’s steps into this attractive yet dangerous territory. Our media professionals guests made some light into various subjects like Social Media and Facebook, Internet and mobile devices, Music and MTV, Video Games, Movies, TV and TV Shows…

This year, we’re narrowing the subjects in a series of Workshops, with a very practical and detailed approach. In the first meeting we had in January we were glad to see parents returning and committed to “fight” for their families. Every workshop will be based on at least two sections: a practical teaching (for the first workshop we learned how to secure our Facebook accounts and what are the hidden traps) and a group analysis (of a media story, movie, commercial, music video etc.)

We like to believe that you’re part of our ministry, so besides your prayers and usual support, any suggestion, advices or resources you might think useful for Media Safe Workshops are more then welcomed. Thank you again for being part of a new beginning.

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