Media Safe around the country

Since we started the Media Safe project in our city, we discovered that Media is a subject that raises the interest of many. So, this topic became one of our main focuses in our ministry. We live in times where media is a powerful source of influence especially for our young generations. This is another aspect that cannot be ignored by the church.

The invitation to Dorohoi, a city in NE of Romania, came as another confirmation that we must beat the iron while it is hot. Television and Internet is spread even in the small cities, so there’s no place where you can hide from media effects. A youth meeting that gathered several churches from Dorohoi, Botosani and other small villages, was the perfect context for our invitation.

About 150 young people came to see what God has to do with this important aspect of their lives. At the end of the meeting, we offered them the possibility to make a commitment, to create a spiritual milestone. This came with the responsibility of taking care of their digital lives, avoiding the bad influence of media and benefiting from its valuable aspects.

Another similar event took place in another town called Jibou, closer to our city. An annual event for the church in the area was another opportunity to approach the media subjects and how to build your discernment.

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