Media Safe

Media Safe project goes on! Last month we were invited to a new conference with two main sessions, one for parents and one for youth. The influence of media continues to grow due to the increasingly Internet coverage that extended to small towns and even villages. This time our conference gathered more than a hundred teenagers and almost the same parents from several villages near Sebis, Arad county.

Again, our presentations raised a lot of questions in parents’ minds. Many of them discovered a new and subtle face of media that is not as innocent as it appears. They realized that their children are exposed to a different kind of enemy, with a huge influence. Some of them took radical decisions and many decided to be more vigilant with digital life of their kids.

On the other hand, the teenagers were challenged to live their lives being aware that the virtual world has consequences in real world. They were encouraged to take a pledge of keeping their digital life pure and responsible.

Ultimately it’s not just a matter of age or fashion, but a matter of influence, addictions and spiritual problems. Once again we realized the importance of such a project…

The next day, we were invited to another youth meeting in the area. This event was part of a regional conference they are having every month. Rei launched another invitation for all present to live their lives to they can “be there”, in Haven. This is a special dedication that we did for years now in many places around the country, a sort of meeting in the new Jerusalem, in that special day. We hope we will be surprised by the thousands of young people that did this during the years.

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