He will never abandon you!

Here’s another story, part of our mission project this summer. One of our teams organized a summer camp, for about a hundred teenagers in Buteni village and its surroundings. This is an area where Christian education and God’s message is the most precious gift that we can offer. Some of the teenagers come from local churches, but they always bring their friends that have their first contact with a christian environment.

During this camp, we could see God working in a wonderful way, in the lives of our kids and also in our lives as leaders. We were blessed with changed lives, young people that went back home with a strong desire to follow Christ.

[quote]One day, after the evening time, Maria, a fifteen years old, asked us to pray with her. With tears in her eyes, and somehow embarrassed, she shared her story with us. She had a heavy burden on her soul, but for the first time in her life, she had the courage to talk about it. She told us that when she was nine months old, her parents left her in care of a close friend, that raised her and became like a mother. She motivated that her parents were very busy and had no time for her. So she felt abandoned and unwanted. Barely speaking and crying, she asked us: why my parents didn’t want me? Why do they still treat me like a stranger even though we live in the same village? They never loved me! We tried to help her open her heart and lay down her burden, by turning her eyes towards Heavenly Father and endless love. He will never abandon you! We prayed and cried together, hoping that God will work on healing her soul. Next morning we could see that on her face. (Cristian) [/quote]

[quote]Alin, a sixteen years old from Beliu village, asked us to pray with him in two evenings. The first time, Alin surrendered his heart to the Lord and he was filled with joy. Praying in tears, he asked God for forgiveness. He said: I was a religious boy, going to the orthodox church, but my heart was always empty. So I was seeking to fill it with different things, mostly sinful things. I am very sorry and I want to get back to God, living on His way. Tonight I feel so relieved. I’m happy that God loves and accepts me. Hearing such testimonies, we realize what a blessing is to be part of His Ministry and to witness such moments when God actually transforms the hearts of young people. This is an encouragement for us to continue to serve among children and youth. (Lucian) [/quote]

Annual report for 4D Ministries

The year 2020 was the year of disruption, innovation, and new opportunities. The pandemic situation brought an end to “normal” through the world. A few