God vs. Oscars

Last Saturday, we had another Media Safe training. This time the theme was related to movies, TV shows, ads, science channels… Inspired by the recent Oscar ceremonies and the controversial speech of the best leading actor, Matthew McConaughey, we started our presentation about the movie industry and its influences. As we’ve seen, the word God mentioned in McConaughey’s speech created an annoying silence in the theatre and a lot of noise on the social networks. That has a lot to say about the world view of Hollywood producers, that we all should be aware of. Movies are great forms of art and have the power to seduce us, to make us dedicate our emotions and also embrace some attitudes and opinions about life.

We all like movies and TV shows, because we simply like stories, especially good ones. But in the same time, we teach the young generation to stay alert and discern. We encourage them to filter their media preferences and always have a critical eye on every media product. We offered them good resources such as pluggedin from Focus on The Family or Damaris, great tools that can help them in their decisions.

At the end of time, we will all assist the final “Oscars”. We have to guard our hearts and live our lives so at that final ceremony to be among the nominees, receiving the ultimate prize from the hand of Jesus. It will be a crown instead of a golden statue, but as apostle Paul said, it worth pressing “toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus“.

Photo: theguardian

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