Fii acolo (Be there)

It’s such a boost to challenge students to commit to something. It’s even more exciting watching them commit to live a God-honoring life, so that on that day, when we will “cross over” we can meet in heaven! Committing to live a life in total submission to God’s plan. That’s what Be There is all about.

Over 70 students came forward to declare that they want to live accordingly! And they (along with us, leaders) did it by printing their fingerprints on a tree, actually forming a tree with their fingerprints as “leaves”… well you can see it below!

This year, our symbol is the tree. The tree that for us means life, character, discernment, application.

  • Character, because it roots deep in the ground that is planted. A strong, healthy root means a strong, healthy character.
  • Discernment, because it chooses to filter what is being sent to the leaves and fruits. And so are we challeneged to live a life in the middle of this world, but not belonging to it, but rather discerning and sending a different message.
  • Application, because of this living amongst others, applying what it means to be a good “tree”.

All together is a character building special year, with a greater challenge on character traints, attitudes and relationships.

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