European Leadership Forum

Last week, Hank, Rei and Cosmin participated to the European Leadership Forum in Wisla, Poland. They were actively involved in the Apologetics, Organizational Development and Fundraising and Media Communicators networks. Hank also lead a workshop on Organizational Development and Cosmin had a short presentation of Media Safe Project in the Media Communicators network sessions. It was a great learning experience and exposure to the largest European evangelical network. We had a lot to learn from the Forum, so we are ready to share with leaders in our countries.

The European Leadership Forum is a coalition of evangelical Christian groups seeking to do what no single organisation could do alone: provide a bridge between God’s global resources and local leaders.

While the work of the Forum takes many forms, its heart is its annual meeting.  Here Forum participants have the opportunity both to connect with like-minded individuals and receive training and encouragement from Forum leaders. Having met Forum leaders, participants determine which of them might be most helpful back in their own countries. Annually, over 350 local, regional, and national events occur as a result of Forum connections. Read more about the Forum…

Annual report for 4D Ministries

The year 2020 was the year of disruption, innovation, and new opportunities. The pandemic situation brought an end to “normal” through the world. A few