Creative teaching

One of the key ingredients in our ministries is Creativity. Besides the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Creativity is what makes people sit on their chairs while we teach. It’s the element that drive attention to the subject and why not, it creates a memorable experience. Jesus did the same.

So, because we want to be creative in how we present the Gospels, we also want to teach others to do the same. The resources are unlimited, and anybody can be creative. Often, me and Rei are responding to different invitations from churches, leaders, Sunday School teachers and parents, to organise a “Creative Teaching” seminar.

So, last week, we travelled to Alba Iulia, a city close to Cluj, to meet a group of youth leaders and Sunday School teachers from the local churches. We had a great time together, sharing from our ministry history and also learning new things regarding creativity. We hope that our experience in this field was a real help for them, motivating them to be proactive and always find new and relevant ways to share the Gospel.

A similar event is scheduled for leaders in Cluj at the middle of October. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

Thanksgiving & Camps 2023

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Annual report for 4D Ministries

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