“Building Capacity”

After returning to Romania from Moldova, Marius Abrudan, 4D Ministries’s Vice-President, wrote: 

“As put in our first meeting in Dallas, we need to create capacity! That was the most intriguing challenge for me since I joined 4D Ministries.And we ARE building capacity alongside God! Last week in Moldova I saw it happening under my very own eyes! 

We were in Moldova to serve a group of children (125 of them) with the help of 6 young high-schoolers (17 years old) not knowing that our helpers there would be teenagers as well (translators). During that week we saw our leaders flourish day after day despite the initial shock of having to teach a lesson for the first time in their lives (we were prepared only to help with activities related to the lessons – games, crafts…) But they stepped up and did a wonderful job. God has used them and transformed them. We left for home with a deep regret that our time was over and with high anticipation for the next year.

Local teens were touched as well. One of the girls (unchurched) that was asked to be part of the camp to translate for us shared with Dorina at the end of the week: “I have a good situation at home. It is nice and clean and my parents are good, but I do not want to go home! I belong here!” Her name is Ira – short from Irina – and she is an emeritus student, that has straight A, and started and leads several programs in school, and until now, even though her mom goes to church occasionally, Ira stated she had no time for church. Her ambition and desire was her career. Let’s pray for Ira! As she continues to desire and seek God’s presence and make Him part of her life in every aspect.

These events are building capacity on both teams. I hope Liza will be able to retain some of these wonderful young leaders as I pray that my Romanian team will develop into everyday missionaries. By the way, my team and a few other teens from our church jumped straight into another Ambassadors Together camp at Aghiresu, Romania the very next day after our return!”

Camp in Moldova Reopened!

First, we would like to thank you for your prayers! So much is happening as a result. More kids are hearing the Good News through

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Churches team up and…

Most camps that are organized in partnership with 4D’s Ambassador Together program are small week-long community-based camps or a six full-day long VBS with 30