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Churches team up and…

Most camps that are organized in partnership with 4D’s Ambassador Together program are small week-long community-based camps or a six full-day long VBS with 30 to 60 kids in attendance, with a majority of kids coming from unchurched families. All together, over 4,000 are expected in camps this year.

In Constanta, Romania, churches of various denominations worked together in partnership with the 4D staff. God answered hopes and prayers for five unforgettable days. Thank God for both the 1,000+ audience each night, and also for the many individuals making first time decisions or rededicating themselves to follow Christ. For many, this was a life-changing event. In Constanta, some of the meetings were held in the open air. Constanta is Romania’s largest port and resort town along the Black Sea in the east.

Both Rei and Marius with a team of staff and volunteers from Cluj were involved. And when it was all over, Rei wrote:

…we are back. It was a fantastic time. The “C Major Festival” was an incredible tool for outreach. It was held on a public stage in the busiest and circulated area of the beach resorts. For 4 nights, we had approximate 1000 people attending. During the day there were workshops and sports competitions. 

Please thank God for His many blessings!  

Thank you for being part of God’s team, making such a difference! 

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