Christ is being shared and lives redeemed!

“My name is Victor. I’m from Moldova and 17 years old. I was born into an unbelieving family. Last year, boys from the church invited me to a youth camp. There were over 200 young people attending. I went there to have a good time with other young people. For the first time, I saw young believers and noticed how different they were from my other friends. For eight days at the camp we heard many testimonies from the other young people about how they came to know the Lord, we heard sermons and lessons. The Word of the Lord touched my heart and I prayed to receive Jesus into my heart. That decision changed my life. Two weeks from now I will be baptized, along with some of the other youth.”

Thanks to friends like you, this year, 4D is sponsoring 200 kids to attend this camp in Moldova, along with many other camps throughout Eastern Europe, which are reaching out to 2,000 “Victors.”

Please pray for Victor and many like him who will hear about Christ for the first time in the coming weeks.

Pray also for the leaders and follow-up after the camps.

Thanksgiving & Camps 2023

Dear ministry friends, Thanksgiving, when I grew up in Holland, was often referred to as Harvest Thanksgiving Day. For thousands of children and youth, this year’s Thanksgiving

Annual report for 4D Ministries

The year 2020 was the year of disruption, innovation, and new opportunities. The pandemic situation brought an end to “normal” through the world. A few