Children Summer Club

After last year’s good experience, we decided to continue to organize summer clubs for children. Besides the Vacation Bible School, this summer activity is very welcomed by the children and their parents as well. It doesn’t matter how busy their summer is, everybody’t planning their vacations according to our  calendar.

This year, we were also benefiting from our long-time partnership with Suburban Bible Church from Indiana. Again, their team of 18 people gave another example of dedication, spending exhausting hours with the energy sucker kids. They also developed great relationships with our volunteers, working together as one, sharing the Bible stories and the life example of the true heroes of faith. Lifetime memories were created again, helping the children to choose God in their lives from a young age.

Besides the daily club activities, every evening was dedicated to missions. We were visiting some of our local church mission fields, especially poor gipsy communities.

You can see more pictures on our

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