Bulgaria leaders training

In July, together with Cosmin we’ve driven 1000 miles for a first timer in Bulgaria. At the invitation of our colleague, Dimitri, we did a three day training event for youth leaders. The topic of the training was Creative Teaching. As I expected, the leaders from several parts of the country were interested in seeing us demonstrate not only present the principles.

So, besides the training I had to teach and preach (creatively) at two different churches and two different youth groups. Well, when I went over there I was a bit worried about how will they receive us, knowing the historical reservation and competition between our nations.  After a short  rusty beginning, using some ice breakers and showing some personal vulnerability, their hearts opened up and we had one of the best receiving ever.  Here are some kind good byes:

[quote]This was not only a presentation, it was a great demonstration. (Nelli, pastor’s wife)[/quote] These words meant a lot to me because confirmed me that people who train others must be hands-on involved themselves.

[quote]If you were Americans we would have been saying, < Yeah, they are Americans, they have lots of resources and ideas > but now, when we see some Romanians being able to do such great things in their children and youth ministries, that encourages us, we can do it, too. (Simeon, pastor)[/quote]

[quote]You must come over here again and travel all over Bulgaria to train our children and youth leaders. What you have to say is so valuable! (kindergarten principal and director of International Needs Bulgaria)[/quote]

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