Belarus, 4D partners since October 2015, are involved in evangelism, church outreach, training and discipleship.


Nine and half million people live in eastern European land locked country of Belarus today. As a former member state of the U.S.S.R., Belarus maintains close ties to Russia politically and economically. The capital, Minsk and other large cities have access to the internet, while the most of the country is rural without internet services. Therefore most of Belarus depends on the written word from newspapers to keep up on current events. The Bell (Kolokol) is the only Christian newspaper in Belarus and has been serving Belarusians for 25 years. Each issue is read by five people. For the issues that are delivered to the prisons, each edition is read by at least 15 inmates. The Bell is a monthly newspaper with an online edition at

This year the newspaper celebrates its 25th anniversary. In honor of it we arranged a contest – for the best story about how people use Kolokol to tell about Christ. The paper is used both in Belarus, and in Russia, since they share the common language.  This is what winners said.

Nikolay – I often took the newspaper with me going work. I distributed it to people, and when I had the opportunity – I read out publications to colleagues, and people listened. One person accepted Christ through the prayer of repentance published in the newspaper. Evangelism with the newspaper Kolokol is a good way in the current conditions.

Vyacheslav – carries the gospel to people using Kolokol in his Russian city and in villages close by. By the way, the employee of the post office in the delivery department (she gives me the parcels with the newspaper) also recently became a reader of Kolokol! Step by step, man after man – many people turn to Christ. And often they do it through the newspaper Kolokol.

Belarus hosted the 4th bicycle ride “Velo-piligrim,”with a team from Belarus and Poland this summer. The coordinator of the ride, Dmitry said, “On the route Minsk-Mogilev, we gave people a Christian newspaper Kolokol, talked about faith, told how Jesus changes the lives of people. As a result, many people sincerely turned to God, they accepted Christ. We like to bring Good News with Kolokol. We look forward to further cooperation!”

Many Christians spent their time in hospitals this summer. Not because they were ill, but because they visited patients for evangelism. For example, in Novopolotsk (Belarus) a team of ministers visited aged patients in a nursing home. These people are rarely visited by any one, often no visitors at all; these people are happy with every meeting, every conversation. Christians talked with aged people, prayed for them, left them the newspaper Kolokol, which they read with pleasure.

In Minsk, a team of ministers constantly, several times a month, visits a nursing home and a hospitals, where they pray for people, tell them about Christ, give them Kolokol, which helps people to know God.

Now 90 churches in Belarus and 48 in Russia use the Christian newspaper Kolokol to tell people in their cities about Jesus.   Reading the newspaper, people not only change their mind about life and faith (this is very important), but also come to church.  The Kolokol is published in Russian, and is distributed both in Belarus and in parts of neighboring Russia.

Because of possible harm to our staff in Belarus by posting information on an open web page,  we invite you to email us for more information on The Bell.  Thank you for understanding.

Four things you can do

  1. Pray for Kolokol, the staff and those working to distribute the newspapers.
  2. Forward this page to those who may be interested in God’s work in Eastern Europe.
  3. Sponsor a subscription for people that cannot afford to pay for it, like those in long term hospital care, retirement or in prison. Using the 4D Ministries giving page to give a gift subscription. Every $30 provides for one annual subscription.
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4D partners are carefully screened based on criteria which include: Purpose and driving values, including statement of faith, leadership, transparency, accountability, spiritual impact in the country of service and long term sustainability.

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