Be a good friend!

At the end of July we had the privilege to spend a weekend with the children from our Sunday School group (8-10 years old). This was our first retreat together in a nice mountain location near Cluj. About 35 children from different backgrounds came with us. Some of them have no connection with the Church, but were invited by our kids. It was a great opportunity to share their faith, so we’re planning to contact them again in the fall and invite them to Sunday School.

The theme of our retreat was “Be a good friend!” and the verse from Proverbs 17 was our motto: “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” We’ve seen God’s guidance in choosing this subject because all the leaders had this topic in their mind before speaking to each other about this. We also took into consideration the fact that at this age, our kids are trying to make friends, to integrate themselves in different groups. Also, they are already having questions about how a real friend should be, how to deal with disappointments and how to choose your friends who have good influence on you. We’ve looked into the lives of biblical characters and the life of Jesus.

Besides the teaching part, we had a fun time with games, water, tons of crafts and of course a camp fire. As a first experience together, we were all, leaders and kids, very encouraged by this great experience. As they grow up, we already have in mind a full week camp.

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