Annual report for 4D Ministries

The year 2020 was the year of disruption, innovation, and new opportunities.

The pandemic situation brought an end to “normal” through the world.

A few things helped 4D enormously: first, a clear mission to help 1,000 local churches in Eastern Europe to be more missional.

Secondly, 4D values such as being Christ-centered and field-driven encouraged local ownership, experimentation, innovations, flexibility, and sacrifice. Instead of a focus
on organizational growth, the emphasis was authentically on Kingdom growth and maximum spiritual fruit. Because of many decades of involvement, leaders through Eastern Europe trust 4D and often
ask us to help them.

The biggest single effort these past years has been “camps”. It is not
a “stand-alone ministry” that builds into kids and their futures, but camps also help local churches to be missional and build future leaders.
And since God also loves the cheerful giver, in places like Romania and
the Czech Republic, we want to encourage local sacrifice in terms of time, talent, but also financial giving. Camps are an example of what 4D is all about. Over 50% of the expenses are paid for by local churches and Christians, while over 30% of the kids are unchurched. Cheerful giving (generosity) also helps in building long-term vitality and self-sufficiency. Camps are very special to Gabriel and he committed his life to Christ at one camp in the Czech Republic.

In 2020, 565 volunteers and leaders, served 4,148 kids on 60 camps, organized by 41 churches. The camps took place over Eastern Europe,
in 6 countries. The numbers of the camps are very encouraging, despite
the pandemic. The impact of the camps was far greater. The reason that
so many leaders and volunteers are available, is because in most cases
their own lives were changed during a camp and now. They want to be
a blessing to others. It also helps churches that were more traditional
in methods to open up to be more relevant to their environment
and build the next generation of leaders.

Thank you for your partnership in 2020 and serving with us!

Hank Paulson

Thanksgiving & Camps 2023

Dear ministry friends, Thanksgiving, when I grew up in Holland, was often referred to as Harvest Thanksgiving Day. For thousands of children and youth, this year’s Thanksgiving