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hankHank and Mona are based in the US during part of each year and spend the rest of their time based out of Czech Republic. Hank leads the ministry internationally and is especially involved in strategic partnerships and ministry development. He has been involved in ministry in Eastern Europe for over 40 years, all of it starting with an invitation to help smuggle Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, and growing and developing over the years as the needs of the Church of Eastern Europe grew and changed. More can be read about the beginning years of Hank’s ministry in the book ‘Beyond the Wall.’




[tab title=” Stuart & Beth”]

Stuart & Beth FergusonStuart & Beth Ferguson are based just outside of Budapest, Hungary. They work ​primarily with Hungarian churches and related ministries​ in Hungary and Transylvania (Romania) ​assisting in the training and mentoring of Hungarian pastors and lay leaders in a serving and empowering way. Stuart also continues to work as 4D’s CFO and Beth teaches full-time at the International Christian School of Budapest​ ​Mission in ​Diosd​ (where Stuart also occasionally substitutes in the high school when needed).


They have been engaged with believers in Eastern Europe for over thirty-five​years, initially through prayer and financial support of Eastern European Bible Mission, then beginning in the mid-90s more personally through their children and later themselves serving directly in Hungary and the Transylvania region of Romania. As a family, they have served alongside Hungarian pastors and other brethren in summer camp ministry, work projects associated with ministry to those with alcohol & other addictions, outreach to Roma (gypsy) children, and sponsorship of men training for the gospel ministry. From 2007 to 2009 Stuart & Beth served as English instructors with the Calepinus Foundation in Targu Mures (Hungarian: Marosvasarhely), Romania having the opportunity to participate in a number of ministries in the city and region, including an English Worship Service reaching the entire community, a church-associated children’s home, clubs & activities reaching out to youth, as well as being involved in the life of their local congregation and much personal interaction with their colleagues and students at the language school


[tab title=” Kyle & Catherine”]

Kyle & CatherineKyle & Catherine Ferguson serve with 4D partner Bonus Pastor Foundation in Ozd, Romania. Bonus Pastor offers short-term and long-term therapy for addicts in Romania who are seeking rescue and recovery from addiction. Bonus Pastor also engages in aftercare programs, family care and counseling, one-on-one counseling and prevention work.

Kyle (the son of Stuart & Beth Ferguson), his wife Catherine, and their three young children relocated to Ozd from Virginia in May 2014, when an opportunity and invitation arose from Bonus Pastor, who had particular need of their services. Kyle helps coordinate work teams who volunteer at the Therapy Center throughout the year, and is the Property Administrator for the Bonus Pastor Ozd Campus. Since arriving in Ozd, Kyle and Catherine have had the opportunity to re-design and develop the Work Therapy Program, which plays an integral role in the daily activities and recovery of a Therapy Center resident. Kyle also advises Bonus Pastor on a range of topics as he serves alongside the other members of the BPF leadership team as they strive to develop Bonus Pastor as a Christ-centered gospel ministry.

Catherine and Kyle have had an ongoing relationship with Bonus Pastor since 2004.


[tab title=” Chris & Ashley”]

Chris and Ashley Goering are US-based  independent contractors for 4DMinistries, and have been connected with the Paulsons, Fergusons and the ministry since 2009. As 4DMinistries is committed to responsible stewardship of ministry dollars, the board decided to forego a traditional office and instead contract with the Goerings, who now handle 4D donor relations and regular office work. 

They reside in the Ozark Mountains with their two young daughters, and keep busy with the ministry, Ashley’s work as an author of Christian fiction, and their local church. They both came to know Jesus at a young age and have a passion for seeing the Good News of the Gospel shared – both locally and throughout the nations, with a special interest in assisting brothers and sisters in their ministry in Eastern Europe.




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[tab title=”Rei Abrudan”]

Rei Abrudan / national director

Rei Abrudan, national director of 4D Ministries Romania, has been working with Hank Paulson since 1992. Now, 20+ years into their partnership, Rei is not only an ordained pastor, but also trains youth leaders throughout Romania through camps and conferences, trains volunteers to reach students within the public school system, and heads up the work 4D Ministries Romania is involved in, including the fast-growing Ambassadors Together (where teams of Romanian Christians visit villages in Romania throughout the year, ministering to those in need), camps, conferences, leadership training, and much more. Rei is passionate about training up Christian leaders within his own country, where the Communist era left a great void. In 2015, Rei was asked to start a new church plant in Cluj and become the founding pastor. Excited for the opportunity to build a more culturally relevant church that is attractive to the unchurched in his city and also could serve as a platform for training others throughout the country, Rei and his team started VIA Church in November 2015. In the first three months, weekly attendance jumped to over 300 with all members in small groups, 70 kids in Sunday School, and over 150 in the youth and student ministry.

Although Rei’s family has a rich spiritual history, starting with his great-grandfather accepting Christ as a POW in Russia during WWI, it was not until he was 14 at a secret Christian camp that Rei accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. After completing high school and serving his required time in the Romanian military, Rei was baptized and joined the local Baptist church. A year later, he married Ramona, whom he had met years earlier at that secret camp where he had given his life to Christ.



[tab title=”Ramona Abrudan”]

Ramona Abrudan / family department

Ramona Abrudan works alongside her husband Rei, both in 4D Ministries Romania and in their local church. Ramona has been involved in church ministry since 1983, and began partnering with Hank Paulson (alongside Rei) in 1994. For over 20 years, Ramona has been developing training programs for Sunday school teachers, involved in youth ministry with Rei, counseling young married women, editing manuscripts the team translates and publishes, and helping with the accounting and office work.

Ramona accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior at the same secret church camp tucked away in a mountain village where her (now) husband Rei accepted Him also. She grew up in a family where only her mother was a Christian, though other members became saved later in life. Rei and Ramona were married in 1988 and they have two sons, Paul Sebastian and Marc Serban. Their children not only were a gift from the Lord to them personally, but also keep them connected to the younger generation and the challenges and situations they face.



[tab title=”Cosmin Cret”]

Cosmin Creț / media department

Cosmin Cret, a graphic artist and media professional, grew up in Rei and Ramona’s youth ministry, and later became part of their leadership team. He has been working with Hank Paulson for nearly two decades, and has served in the children’s, youth, and college-aged ministries. Cosmin handles and maintains the 4D websites, heads up the Media Safe program for parents and youth, helped develop a website that serves as a great leadership resource for pastors and youth workers all over the country, and serves alongside Rei in several other 4D Romania initiatives.

Cosmin’s spiritual walk was greatly impacted by his time at Christian youth camps, as he says they changed the course of his life and put him on the right track. Later on, he met his wife Alice at another camp, and together they have one daughter, Ema.



[tab title=”Csaba Siko”]

Cs-2014.3Csaba Siko / hungarian department

Csaba Siko serves with 4D Ministries Romania, ministering to the Hungarian population that lives within Romania (7% of the Romanian population is actually Hungarian). Csaba has been connected with Hank Paulson and the ministry for a number of years. He is ordained in the Hungarian Reformed Church, leads youth groups, organizes camps and conferences, is involved in leadership development, developed a curriculum that allows him (and others) to give Christian lectures within the public school system, organizes training courses to equip others for youth ministry, and works with young married couples. He also serves as the contact person between 4D Ministries and the Hungarian Reformed Church in Romania.

Csaba, who is Hungarian in both language and culture, was born and raised in Romania. He accepted Jesus Christ at a church camp when he was 15 – a camp he says is unforgettable as it is where he began his personal relationship with God. Csaba and his wife Pirko (who is also a pastor) have a daughter and a son, Boglarka and Samuel.





Istvan & Uzonka

Screen Shot 2011-12-22 at 4.41.23 PM

As a pastor in the Reformed Church in Hungary, Istvan has served Jesus Christ through six decades of faithful ministry alongside his wife Uzonka. Referenced in Hank’s book ‘Beyond the Wall’ as “Peter & Maria” (to protect their identity), the Bojtors were involved in the earliest days of Eastern European Bible Mission as they served together with Hank, especially in ministry to Hungarian youth–both in Hungary itself and surrounding countries.

Istvan & Uzonka have a long history of actively assisting brethren and making Christ known–especially among youth–in Romania; as they began going over the border with Bibles, Christian literature, material help and spiritual encouragement and counsel for those suffering under a harsh government as soon as travel was permitted for Hungarians to visit Transylvania. Istvan continued to serve three rural congregations in the northeast of Hungary through the late 90s, before settling in their present home in the village of Fony, where he continued to serve as a pastor until officially ‘retiring’ a few years ago. Though in their mid-80s, Istvan & Uzonka have continued a full summer camp ministry–making Jesus Christ and the good news of the gospel known to all whom the Lord brings to their home, not neglecting any opportunity to preach and speak of Christ in neighboring churches and as far as they are able to travel.

(in the picture, from left to right: Uzonka Bojtor, Beth and Stuart Ferguson, Istvan Bojtor)

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  1. I am proud to tell that I have met the Bojtors in 1971 or 1972, when I joined Henk on a trip in a Citroen Dyane. That trip, through several Eastern European countries, changed my life.

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