10 years anniversary of the Hungarian Reformed youth group

This event is the greatest challenge for me in the past few years. Indeed, it has been 10 year now that we prayed and asked for God’s help to start this bible study group. During these years many young people started their walk with the Lord, or came closer to him. There are many among these young people who live with pleasant memories in this respect. This anniversary intends to recall these memories and to offer new experiences in their relation with God. We would like this occasion to be one of recharging our spiritual batteries, refreshing our faith, re-experiencing Christ.

It will involve more than 100 participants, which means we would invite those former members who have been with us 6-10 years ago, many of whom are already married and have their own families. We would also like to invite some other bible study groups from neighboring congregations and we plan to prepare a big birthday cake! We also want to invite guest speaker to serve those present with the Word of God. We plan to close the occasion with a concert on which members of our youth group will sing and play music. At this time we haven’t a band name, but we are looking for a good name. We are preparing for this great occasion by playing music and singing together with the band three times a week.

When God made me teach playing guitar to some members of the youth group I did not even imagine that someday we will play together in a Christian band. There is still a lot of work to be done but we do our best to sound as beautiful as possible. Our orchestra still has some basic needs, but I trust God that with his help we will be able to supply even the technical devices (speakers, mikes, music-cases, etc.)

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